Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Baltic Party 2016 - 23 -24 April 2016

FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/952033518217848/

Stena Line Link for reservation: http://www.stenaline.pl/do-szwecji/rejsy-turystyczne/baltic-party

Stena Line in cooperation with the Back to the Vinyl to invite all the fans crazy 80s for an unusual event, which is a ferry ride during which specially for you to sing live: P. LION and VINCE "SCOTCH" Lancini !!!
April 23, 2016 is a date worth remembering especially for music lovers Italo Disco who appreciate the fun in conjunction with concerts icons of this genre.
If you want a moment to remember the wonderful moments of your youth, it is this cruise may be a portal that takes you to 24 hours at a time and with a group of people similar to you. You will be able to enjoy music from that period. this opportunity should not be missed is the need to survive, because you never know if it ever will be still a chance to have at your fingertips artists who are living legend Italo. One thing you must remember, no day will not happen again, and certainly will be unique this cruise !!!
Thus, then come and enjoy every breath in his chest, because youth pass away, and the memories will be.
Here is the latest information about the flight Baltic Party in 2016:
Departure from Gdynia 23.04 at 21:00, the end of the cruise 24.04 at 19:30
The base price of 189 PLN per person - includes a passage, berth, 2 - person with no windows and lunch (buffet) Sunday.
Cabin 2 - os. window - 199pln / os.
Cabin 4 persons. no windows - 159pln / os.
Cabin 4 persons. window 169pln / os.
Breakfast - 31 PLN
buffet menu for dinner, with wine and beer without restrictions - 74 PLN
Dish of the day at the Food City with vegetables, salad buffet and a drink - 35 PLN
Fish of the Day - 20 PLN
Pork chop 20 PLN
Reservations through the Internet - free of charge
Book by Call Centre Stena Line - plus PLN 40

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