Saturday, 8 January 2011

Chato - No No No

Special Rare Italo Track

Label: City Record
Country: Italy
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo Disco


  1. But what is his real name, what is he doing now? I need some trivia, please!

  2. Chato (written as Cĥato) is an Italian Italo disco singer from the 1980's. His most famous single "No No No" was released in 1985 by Italo disco label "City Records". The single was very popular in Italy and Spain. However, Cĥato didn't aspire becoming a famous singer, as his song was only a birthday present he made himself. At that time he was more interested in acting. In the 2000's "No No No" achieved a cult status among Italo disco fan community and got included in a mega mix collection of Flemming Dalum, called "Empire State Of Italo".