Monday, 1 November 2010

Valentina - Maquillage

Label: Biba Records
Country: Italy
Released: 1983
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo Disco, Disco


  1. Many thanks for sharing the Valentina 'Maquillage' track...another great Italo record I have never come across before...suprised this is not more well known as it is a perfect Italo record....there is not even an expensive copy for sale on Discogs which makes it very rare!

    ps> like the top ten idea! some great records in there and good to see the UK got a place with the wonderful Doot Doot track (one of my favourite eighties records) - amazing to think that a couple of members of Freur went on to form Underworld with Darren Emmerson!

  2. I thought I had heard Maquillage by Valentina before! It was also released as 'Tina Are You Ready' by Valentine on the Italian label Banana Records FRUIT 6T in 1983.