Saturday, 23 October 2010

Skyline - I'm Gonna Fall In Love

Label: Four Stars Records
Country: France
Released: 1978
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Disco

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  1. Wow, a track from the ultra-rare Skyline album! I think this one appeared on the Baldelli Baia album Vol2 if my memory serves...I would love to hear more tracks from this album but 300 Euros is a lot to pay for a copy!

    Huge congratulations on the 100,000 download! I know I must be responsible for a couple of hundred of them!!! I wonder how many thank-you comments there are compared to the number of downloads - then you can workout the percentage of thankyous to downloads! I think it would be 0.1%!

    Anyway, great to see you have lost none of your enthusiasm and you are still posting some amazing tracks (like the Skyline album track) is to your 200,000th post!