Sunday, 18 July 2010

Vince Tempera - Get Up, Get On, Get Out, Get Off With Me (Disco Mix)

For Steffen
Label: EMI
Country: Italy
Released: 1976
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco


  1. Man, what a storming freaky seventies psych-disco track the mix of Vince Tempera's 'Get Up, Get On, Get Out, Get Off With Me' is plus it has a great title!

    Never come across this before so I guess the people who own a copy have kept it a well-guarded secret, so thanks for spilling the beans about it so to speak (two copies on Discogs both going for £110!)

    Just been checking out Vince Tempera and found out he was in the Italian prog group 'Il Volvo' along with the legendary Alberto Radius who did that 1979 Italo-disco classic 'Wojtyla Disco Dance' under the name 'Freddy The Flying Dutchman And The Sistina Band' as well as the 1983 Federico And Marrakech Orchestra album and the wonderful track' Cashbah Boogie' amongst other things.

    Its weird how in Italy many former progressive rock musicians went onto make some great Italo-disco tracks with the most well known being Claudio Simonetti of Goblin fame.

    This is what I love about this blog, discovering so many wonderful records I never knew existed! I just wish more people thanked you in the comments section, its not a free I-tunes people!

  2. I see u are real disco freak my friend..Nevermind really if someones no thanks to me it's a real pleasure share my archieve with someones it's a enough for me...