Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease In The Stars (The Way I Do)

Label: Explosion
Country: Spain
Released: 1977
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style: Disco


  1. I have loved all your Spanish disco posts, there was some amazing music being created during Franco's dictatorship! This track by Siracusa is the best yet! Such a funky laid-back balearic space vibe about it and of course there are no copies for sale on Discogs!
    You ever hear the 'Give Me Love' A-side? I would love to know what thats like.

    Great cover as well! Though I know what a strip-tease is, I have never heard of a 'streap-tease'!?!? Maybe its a Spanish thing!

    10/10 for this track!

  2. If you have the 'Give Me Your Love' a-side of the Siracusa release I am still hoping you can post it...still have not found a copy of this for sale anywhere! The "Streap-tease" track is still one of my favourite tracks of the year!

    If anyone who has a copy of this but does not want to sell, I would be happy to pay for a decent 320/FLAC/WAV copy of the two tracks...I am that in need of a copy!

  3. Unfortunatelly my friend there is no other version...