Thursday, 24 June 2010

Xarion - Magical Journey

Label: Teledisco
Country: France
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo Disco


  1. Many thanks for posting the Xarion track, its such a beautiful track and when that vocoder kicks in! Perfect! Plus the cover is stunning, quality eighties space-art!

    I just heard the other track on this release on Youtube, I hope you will post 'Journey To Love' one day, its amazing as well.

    Have you got any more records on the 'Teledisco' label? There are only two others mentioned on Discogs, two releases by 'Programas' called 'Teoría Orbital' & 'Somebody To Love' - whats weird is the fact that this is catalogue number 16 and the Programas releases are No.5 & No.17 so where are all the other releases I wonder?

    You can also hear the Programas tracks on Youtube and they are freakin' wonderful too! How come no-one knows about Teledisco and there are not even any hugely over-priced copies of any of the three releases mentioned on Discogs so these must be ultra-rare.

    Huge thanks for posting this and allowing me to discover another record label I can feel I am going to obsess over!!!

  2. I have a surprise for you my friend i can post the other song

  3. Thank you for making Xarion available. It's been on my wishlist and it's a little reveal to listen to it now. It's amazing how the space shifts at the background. Maybe a bit of reminiscent of bogdan irkuk ?

    Teoria orbital by Programas ? AGREED!

    Love the bells-like-descending-ascending tickle in Journey to love too. The 2nd minute is out of this world! Magnificent!

  4. Hey V! Do you know anything about the Teledisc label? I cannot find anything about them anywhere...a total mystery!

    The tracks are just wonderful, I listen to them all the time!

  5. The Teledisco label is probably a hoax. These tracks weren't really produced in the 80s nor was the label. All discogs entries were made by the same user and the photos of the labels look too mint to be that old plus the same two/three users seem to own all three releases :) I hope these gems will be released though 'cause they're out of this world!!!

  6. I am one of those guys who made this track, yes, "TELEDISCO" Label is a Hoax, it was not our intention to lie or cheat, we just wanted to see what happened (as a joke) I apologize for this misunderstanding, we are very happy for all the kind comments around the world, I have received dozens of private messages asking for this stuff, we did not expect too much positive repercussion... we have much more music to finish, would be a "dream come true" if a record label want to release this stuff on vinyl... in Argentina is very expensive to produce vinyl records (there are only two or three guys using traditional vinyl record, then... it is very expensive), we plan to release it on CD, we consider these productions as a Demo currently, we can greatly improve these tracks, thank you all for so many beautiful words, if you liked this music I recommend you be aware of our humble label... where we will publish all our music: