Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Paradise - Get The Look

First publish 06.30.2010

Label: F1 Team
Country: Italy
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic
Style: Disco


  1. Man, you have got to love that New Paradise 'Get The Look' leopard skin cover!!! Quality eighties image.

    Any reason why a lot of your MP3's are in 128/160 rip? I am not complaining as a lot of the music on here I have not heard so if its anything good, I try and get a higher quality rip on another blog or if its reissued on CD or digital download I will try and get it that way.
    Having said that, you would get a lot more visitors if you posted the tracks in 225-320 MP3 as people are more likely to send links of higher quality rips to their friends, just a thought, not criticising as I know all the hard work it takes to maintain a blog!

  2. My friends i'm already find them so hard actually i never check out mp3 quality just i wanna hear the melodies..

  3. hi! thx a lot for new paradise :-) i love it!

    can you post also I love video from that record?

    bye and have a good time!